Benefits to members ?

The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers a range of benefits that add value to its members.

The Chamber members can take advantage of its ability to negotiate many special services at a discount, thereby reducing the costs of running a business:
  • Gasoline Discounts. The Chamber provides discounts for gasoline purchases made for your personal and company vehicles.
  • Chamber Telecom Discounts. Savings on long distance bills, mobile and freephone services.
  • Online discount rate.Chamber member get a special low rate.
  • Insurance Discounts. The Chamber member Companies as small as one person can create an employee benefits program, providing medical, dental and disability coverage at a discount.
Information on just about any business problem can be provided quickly and effectively, all free of charge:
  • A wide range of publications on business/investment climate, information on specific countries and data on potential import/export opportunities, directories, as well as official trade statistics/ regulations are available for consultation in the Chamber's reference library which can be accessed by members only.
  • The Chamber's On-Line Resource Centre provides connection to websites of trade promotion agencies, government organizations, trade law databases, country information, and news on-line.
Support for starting and operating a business - investment, law, networking and counselling:
  • Investment project and business-plan consulting
  • Assistance in finding investors
  • Investment project promotion
  • Affordable access to high quality legal representation
  • Professional advice on commercial and employment law, finance, and tax related issues
A comprehensive Internet solution, encompassing global communication, a web presence and technical support, to give members opportunity to compete in the global marketplace:
  • 20% online Internet access discount for KCCI members
  • KCCI member gets 20 % discount on website design
  • Merchandise anytime online for a small monthly fee
  • Member's website can reside on KCCI's website
  • Free listing in KCCI Online Exhibition to boost global marketing
The Chamber provides advice and information in overseas trade as well as reduced costs for export documentation to Chamber Members:
  • 20% Members' discount scheme on certifying origin of Ukrainian goods and issuing certificates of origin
  • 20% discount on quality inspection and quantity verification of goods both imported and exported including equipment and raw materials
  • 20% discount on assessment of prices for the goods exported from the country or imported into Ukraine; assessment of property value of premises, mortgage for obtaining credits, shares into statutory funds of JV, balance price of machinery, etc.
  • 20% discount on drawing up documents to join the EAN-Ukraine Merchandise Coding Association
The Chamber enables its Members to gain new skills through training courses in a wide range of subjects.
  • risk management
  • marketing and advertising
  • export-import operations management
  • financial management and controlling
  • staff management
  • accounting according to EU standards
  • business planning


The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry
34-a, Gagarin Str.,
Kherson, 73013, Ukraine
Phone: +380(552) 42-51-19, 42-50-82
Fax: +380(552) 24-33-29; 24-22-92

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